Virtual Therapy

Virtual therapy, online therapy, or telehealth is therapy where the therapist and client are in two different places and exclusively virtual.

Virtual therapy is a response to the changing dynamic within our culture and mental health systems, to modernize services available. It is a way to transform and expand how we reach people.

I almost always conduct therapy while in my office, but it’s nice to have options…

You can start in your home, car, yard, or anywhere you feel your privacy is maintained and disruptions can be minimized.

Virtual Therapy is…

Virtual Therapy, Telehealth or telemedicine is the process of providing health-related services to people through technology, such as video conferencing (think Skype and Facetime), telephone, and electronic exchanges of information (email, text message, apps). It allows greater service access to people seeking location flexibility, innovation, and efficiency!

How Do You Use Telehealth for Therapy?

Providing clinical therapy virtually (teletherapy), means seeing a provider/receiving services via a third party technology-based platform. Essentially, it is therapy that you receive from any location you are safe and comfortable in, using technology, with a provider that is in a remote location. In this case, therapy is conducted online.

Online therapy affords people the same quality therapy they may get in an office, but offers more options for the location in which they receive their services (such as at home or any private space). In my experience, online therapy offers convenience and efficiency, while honoring confidentiality and therapeutic process.

“Online therapy is a response to the changing dynamic within our culture and mental health systems, to modernize services available. It is a way to expand and transform how we reach people.” –Kasey David, 2019

What Does Virtual Therapy Look Like?

Online Therapy is dependent upon the needs of the person. In traditional therapy, you would come to an office, introduce yourself and explore the reasons for your visit. With online therapy, you will meet with me through live video conferencing, determine if online is best for you, and then begin creating a partnership.

Online therapy includes similar activities to traditional therapy (e.g. in session exercise, exploring, homework), but will also be inclusive of technology, internet, apps, email, and phone support.

Therapy is hosted through the platform Simple Practice. This platform is secure and HIPAA compliant. Simple Practice will allow you to schedule appointments, sign and return documents, host video sessions via web browser and app, and pay fees. It is the only platform we will use. If you have any concerns about using a third-party platform or video conferencing, you can call or send me an email prior to booking an appointment so you can make a well-informed decision about your care.

To join a session by computer, you will receive a link. You can also join from your secure client portal. From your phone or tablet, download the app, follow the secure link as prompted, and join the session.

Is Virtual Therapy Right For Me?

Online therapy may not be a good fit for everyone. Some examples:

  • You do not have a stable internet connection or reliable electronic device (such as smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer)
  • You do not have access to a private space or time
  • Your situation may be worsened by online services

This list is not exhaustive. Online therapy has both risks and benefits for everyone and will be discussed during the screening/consultation process.

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