You have to want change that is radical, contemporary, and just for you. My specialty is helping women consistently face the difficult thing in their path, so they can level up and be a boss!

Therapy is exposing where we are out of balance, making profound shifts in our understanding of ourselves, and standing in our own power by taking action!

We channel the bravery to look directly at ourselves, so we can overcome self-limiting beliefs and actions.
There is power and courage in facing our reality and confronting the uncomfortable and taboo that we have been conditioned to believe are unsavory. We start normalizing topics and unpacking cultural messages in therapy to promote clear plans, new investments, and pride in who we are and what we can do.
I serve the non-traditional woman of color who wants to build her emotional wellbeing, generational wealth, and sculpt her professional life around an abundance mindset, without being limited by the ideology of the generation, shame, or inaction. She sees the value in confronting intense feelings and is choosing brave transformation.

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