You have to want change that is radical, contemporary, and just for you. My specialty is helping women consistently face the difficult thing in their path, so they can level up and be a boss!

Therapy is exposing where we are out of balance, making profound shifts in our understanding of ourselves, and standing in our own power by taking action!

All cultures, identities, genders, and ability-types are invited to join me for holistic and affirming health and wellness.

I provide diverse and inclusive therapy, with a speciality focus on helping ethnic women with anxiety and perfectionism embrace their authenticity.

What would it take for you to stop imagining that reality, and take real steps towards it?

Are you willing to unlearn and relearn, trust in a working process, commit to action, and have the courage to move under your own power and esteem?

If you think life-affirming changes are important to get you where you want to be in one year, 5 years, 10 years, then ditch avoidance and doubt as a coping skill and start today!

You may be the first thing in your way.

Still a smidge unsure? Keep reading.

It is hard to make moves towards your most rewarding life, if you are rooted in a personal system of inequity, misaligned values and priorities, and scarcity. You won’t get better sleep from thinking any harder. They won’t ask you to stop overcommitting. You won’t develop more confidence by allowing your value to be dismissed. There will never pay you enough money to overlook oppressive tactics. Abusive systems and people will not spontaneously decide you deserve more. Being silent and uninformed will not bring you peace and equality.

Decide that you are worthy today. Stop abandoning your truth and integrity. Let go of poor boundaries and accept that “no” is a complete sentence. Transform self-limiting beliefs about your life, worth and potential. If you want to see more of yourself in places you have been excluded, represent yourself there.

Have these things applied to you?

You may be sacrificing too much of yourself and as a result:

  • experience chronic anxiety, depression, and perfectionism
  • over-perform or have low engagement in your work environment
  • have poorly executed or unclear financial goals
  • not prioritize people and relationships as important or consistently spend time with the wrong people
  • see hobbies/interest as “earned privileges” and not rights
  • Imagine how you could feel emotionally, physically, socially, and even financially, if adding just 1 new strategy to your routine meant the ability to make more space for 2 or 3 more important things?

    A good reason to try therapy

    There is power and courage in directly facing our reality and talking intimately and loudly about what we have been conditioned not to.

    We start normalizing topics and unpacking hidden messages to promote clarity, new investments, and ability to be our own true leaders.

    Would I do what I am asking you to do? 100%

    When I left my job to venture into self-employment full time, nervous was understatement. I kept thinking about what I was going to LOSE-my benefits, my professional community, an annual bonus. It was a very fuzzy picture at the time, imagining that the small gains would outweigh the worries.

    By taking that step forward—I made tremendous gains in time, money, and relationships and what I lost, I had no desire to get back— my anxiety, pressure to be perfect, arbitrary bureaucratic rules, and 2 hours of daily commute. The irony was that all of the decisions that turned out to be expensive were the ones made from emotion and fear that kept me perpetually stuck. Helping others become unstuck through therapy is where I am dedicated.

    Ready to book? Schedule below!

    On the day of your appointment, you will receive an email with a link from Simple Practice, inviting you to join the appointment. It is important that you complete the questionnaire prior to the appointment.
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