Crisis Resources

For National Crisis Resources About:

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

NAMI is a US-based nonprofit organization that provides mental health resources, advocacy, education, and informs public policy to help create a better life for those with mental illness. NAMI has a toll free Help Line to answer questions related to mental health and getting treatment, as well as crisis resources .

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

HIPAA outlines how your information is used and disclosed in the course of treatment. The Department of Health and Human Services HIPAA website has more information about:

  • Disclosure of Mental Health to Law Enforcement
  • Emergencies, Emergency Hospitalization, or Dangerous Situations
  • Mental Health Treatment and Psychotherapy Notes
  • Parent’s Access to Minor’s Mental Health Information
  • HIPAA and State Laws
  • Filing Grievances
  • FAQs

Mandatory Reporting Laws

People in certain professions fall into a category of people called “Mandated Reporters”. The California laws that describe these mandates can be found in detail at:

Therapy Never Includes Sexual Behavior

The public should be aware that professional therapy never includes sexual contact between a therapist and a client–it is both illegal and unethical. The Department of Consumer Affairs published a brochure outlining client rights, warning signs of sexual behavior, how to file complaints, and ways to get help. Please download the brochure for your empowerment.

The Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS)

The BBS Provides a list of tips for consumers seeking therapy via telehealth. The tips and additional information about telehealth can be located at:

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