Investing financially in yourself and taking committed action towards your goals is the most efficient way to get a return on your investment.

This fee schedule represents a realistic investment for therapy out of pocket–it’s an entire car payment! Being an advocate of mental health means that my philosophy is this: what you elect to pay for therapy should convey the same level of respect that you have for other things that add value to and improve your quality of life. If these numbers startle you, ask yourself, “Am I willing to invest, substantially, to drive the considerable change I want to see?”

Why pay for services out of pocket?

Not using insurance benefits can feel scary–and that’s okay. Paying out of pocket is not for everybody, all the time. There are a range of benefits from not using your coverage, but you only access those benefits when you do the hard work in therapy. I can’t ask any of my clients to do the work I am not willing to do. So, here’s my commitment to you. I will charge you premium fees because it conveys respect for my training, education and substantiates the quality of life I want to have. I will ask the same thing of you: Are you willing to do the hard work (not make decisions from a place of fear OR sell yourself short) and trust in the process?

The Big Question:

In Network Insurance

I am In Network with the following insurance providers:

  • MHN–HealthNet company

As a courtesy, I conduct benefits verification prior to the initial appointment. Your receipt of the Verification of Benefits form is your estimated share of costs.

Clients are responsible for any share of costs when using insurance, including the full fee if insurance does not cover the service.

Clients are automatically enrolled in autopay, so co-pays, deductibles, and coinsurance will be automatically collected on the day of service.

Please become familiar with your benefits plan for any co-payment, coinsurance, or deductible, prior to initiating services.

Out of Network Insurance

Out of Network means I have no agreement with the insurer to provide services. I conduct courtesy Verification of Benefits to identify any “Out of Network” benefits that may cover all or part of services.

  • Clients are required to pay the full fee upfront.
  • I complementarily submit claims to your insurer and request reimbursement for receiving services from an “Out of Network” provider.
    • Note: It is your responsibility to understand your coverage. Some insurance plans have Out-of-Network coverage or reimburse “usual and customary” fees, set amounts, or nothing.
  • In the event you file your own claims, I provide documentation (a Superbill) that has all of the necessary information for your insurer to consider the claim.
Benefits Information

You may check your own benefits prior to scheduling an appointment, so you have an idea of any share of costs (e.g. co-pays, coinsurance, deductibles). You can use the Verification of Benefits form to guide your conversation with your Insurance Representative.

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