Therapy for Anxiety

You enjoy a challenge, have creativity and drive, and know you’re going to accomplish a lot in your lifetime. But the same energy that made you so productive, is also forcing you to constantly watch the clock and wonder if it will all be okay. People tell you, “you’re doing a great job”, but you’re secretly worried about how much longer you can appear to manage it all.

You can be high in the “self-doubt” category, as long as you’re equally as high in the “self-awareness” and “compassion” categories.

What Can Anxiety Look Like?

Difficulty Controlling Worry

Impaired Concentration

Difficulty Sleeping

Muscle Tension




If your inner monologue makes you feel like you’re living in a constant “what-if” scenario, and you feel driven to compete or perform because you’re preoccupied with perceived outcomes, “getting it right”, or “going it alone”, you may have anxiety.

Low self-esteem/self-worth is also common with some types of anxiety. Sometimes our confidence is rattled and we don’t give ourselves the love and fuel we deserve to bounce back.

This can cause us to lead our lives our without self-care, cope with stress in unhealthy ways, and search for connection and acceptance in unfulfilling places.

In Therapy, We Work Towards:

Realistic Standards

The drive to create, have goals, and dream of big things is in us all, but setting the process up to be fulfilling takes honesty and realism about what we can do. We make our goals realistic and appropriate, and manage the stress that comes with it, given that we are all imperfect.


Recognize the bravery, strength and courage that it takes to get out of bed everyday and be YOU. Realize that you are a force to be reckoned with when you harness your own power. We separate the things we do from who we are as an individual because we are always worth more than our fears, regrets, and to-do lists.


Knowing yourself and treating that same self kindly, while you are learning is foundational. Gaining self-awareness often leaves us feeling vulnerable, but that same vulnerability allows us to have deeper connections with others, feel emotions, and create goals that fit our changing needs. Let’s talk about different ways you honor yourself.

Honesty and Authenticity

The anxiety and fear that tells you it is too painful to be honest can also be taught to say, you are worthy, loved, and powerful. Instead of feeding the shame and guilt, we start to feed the compassion.

Live intentionally and authentically.

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