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Envision a day where you can fall asleep without constant anticipation of tomorrow, your relationships are meaningful, and your core values define your perspective–not your anxiety, stress, or society.”

Kasey David

Therapy for Women of Color With Anxiety and Perfectionism

If the idea of your next life milestone drives you, excites you and challenges you to level up, you’re probably the innovator, organizer, and creative that is willing to lose sleep to do the important things. You’re bold. You try to be authentic. Quietly unapologetic. Decisive. Committed. Fundamentally, you’re an adventurer who knows what is possible and more importantly–that you want it.
You can also want less of the emotional stress and exhaustion that comes with “keeping it together”, success and flourishing, but be unsure how to get it intentionally, humanely and with confidence.
I can empathize with the urge to perform, create and inspire, and also with the need to turn off the faucet of productivity and constantly meeting everybody else’s expectations. Nothing in nature works 24 hours a day, why do we expect to?
There’s a place in between, where you don’t have to sacrifice so much of yourself that all you are left with are sleepless nights, worry, food binges, and feelings of worthlessness. To get to that place, you decide you don’t fit well there. You stop telling yourself what you wish your reality was and affirm that you are worthy in and of your own right, in this very moment and you decide what comes next.
I thank you for being bold and brave and willing to move the earth beneath you to take care of business. Now, I invite you to be willing to allow a little vulnerability and commit to yourself that your last day living for others was yesterday.


Those who believe in you and thank you for surviving.

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Kasey David, LCSW
Kasey David, LCSW

Kasey provides virtual therapy throughout the state of CA for young adults with anxiety, obsessions, perfectionism, and women’s issues. Kasey specializes in the treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Perfectionism for women of color.

Kasey David, LCSW

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