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Envision a day where you can fall asleep without constant anticipation of tomorrow, your relationships are meaningful, and your core values define your perspective–not your anxiety, stress, or society.”

Kasey David

Therapy for Young Women of Color With Anxiety and Perfectionism

An Open Letter to My Clients

Your future is bright, but it also makes you highly anxious. You may have been told you’re motivated, maybe even a perfectionist or an overachiever. Others look to you as the model of success, a pioneer, and doing it all. But you know it’s hard to keep up.

You are highly competent, accomplished, and feel emotions deeply, but sometimes you also feel like a failure, and alternate between procrastination and fixation.

You love the work that you do, but you feel like you have to “earn” the right to spend money on yourself, take a sick day, or enjoy free time by having a constant accomplishments at home, work or school.

Body aches, insomnia, and frequent worry about past, present, and future scenarios mean you are always mentally working and never truly rested. You’re exhausted.

Everything you do is now to avoid the emotional and physical pain of failure, rejection, and disapproval. You just don’t want to let anybody down. But you feel more and more like you are letting yourself down.

I know the feeling.

Talking with a therapist means that you are safe. There are no right or wrong answers and there is nothing you can say that I can’t hear. It’s just you and me. And I know you’re doing the best you can.

Therapy is where we learn and grow together. We will make space for thoughtfulness and intentional acts. We learn to harness our own resiliency, strength, and have a sincere appreciation for what we’ve gone through and everything we’ve accomplished. I know you’re brave for surviving to this point and I want to know more about how you did it.

I will help make space for a kind, loving, version of yourself and help you hold the hope when it is difficult. I want to be present as a partner in your journey.

My ultimate perspective is that love does not need to be earned–only gifted to ourselves. Exploring self-love, values, and core identities often lead to the ability to let go of the pain, shame, anger, fatigue, and all the other things we don’t thrive in.

Im here for the raw and the real, and everything in between.

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Kasey David, LCSW
Kasey David, LCSW

Kasey provides virtual therapy throughout the state of CA for young adults with anxiety, obsessions, perfectionism, and women’s issues. Kasey specializes in the treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Perfectionism for women of color.

Kasey David, LCSW

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